About Us

Inspired by the ladies of the East Coast of Malaysia who are known to be business savvy, Bayou Batik started off from humble beginnings, selling batik pieces to friends and acquaintances. As interest grew, what started out as a hobby then quickly transformed Bayou Batik into what it is today.

Working with local batik artisans,  our exquisitely designed batik pieces are uniquely hand-drawn and produced in limited quantities to provide our customers with individuality and exclusivity.

Seeing the potential in what is  traditionally a cottage industry, Bayou Batik aims to bring Malaysian batik onto the world stage by combining the traditional method of batik painting with modern designs and styles.

Ultimately, Bayou Batik aspires to keep the art of batik as how it has been, timeless.

Company Name: Bayou Batik Sdn Bhd
SSM Registration No: 975861-T